Comic Book Awards

Comic Book Awards

The cinema has the Oscars, the music, the Grammy awards, the literature, the Nobel, being considered the ninth art; the comic could not have their own awards. Below is a list of The ten most prestigious comic book awards in the world in this industry.

The most famous comic book awards

  1. Awards Eisner

The Eisner Awards are the most recognized awards in the comic book world and recognize up to 36 categories, including best continuous series, best writer or Best Full author. The Eisner is granted every year in the framework of the International Convention of Comics in San Diego.

  1. Awards Harvey

The Harvey Awards are awarded annually by the American comic industry. It is the authors themselves who elect nominees and winners in a public vote.

  1. Awards Eagle

The Eagle Awards are the UK’s most critical comic Awards. The awards are granted by the fans, by what is known as “the first independent survey of awards on the art of the comic at the national level (in the United Kingdom).

  1. Award Shōgakukan

The Shōgakukan award is one of the most prestigious awards in Japan, which awards the best manga of the year in different categories.

  1. Grand Prize of the City of Angoulême

The Grand Prize of the City of Angoulême is granted all the years in the context of the celebration of the International Festival of the Comic strip in Angoulême. It is not allowed to work, but to an author for his contribution to the ninth art.

  1. Awards Tezuka

The Tezuka Awards, semi-Annual, is a manga competition organized by the Japanese publishing house Shueisha. Your goal is to showcase new talent. In fact, authors under the age of 20 who have become professionals have often been awarded.

  1. Hugo Award for Best Graphic History

Awards Hugo are the most prestigious in the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy. They have this exclusive category for the comic. Nominees and winners are selected by members of the World Science Fiction Convention.

  1. Award Haxtur


The Haxtur Awards are one of the longest in the Spanish panorama, as they were created in 1975 by the Austrian comic magazine El Wendigo. Are delivered every year at the International Comic Book Hall of the Principality of Asturias.

  1. Awards AACE

The awards, AACE awards of the Association of Authors of Comics in Spain. They are elected by a vote of the members and are delivered each year in the Barcelona Comic Book Hall.

  1. National Comic Book Award

The National Comic Prize is awarded annually by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. Recently created (it was first awarded in 2007), it distinguishes the best Spanish author comic book published in the country last year.

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