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Let’s go over Marvel’s best comics. After having reviewed the best sagas from Marvel, the best comic of X-men, the best stories of the Avengers, in the following article we will point out what are the best comics or individual stages of each collection of Marvel that deserve to be taken into account by the readers after they have exceeded their 75 anniversary. We reviewed the best 10 comics from the Ideas House throughout its 75-year history.

  1. Marvels (1994)

One of our old acquaintances from our old section of the best comics. Kurt Busiek signed the story that would mark the consecration of illustrator and portraitist Alex Ross into the comic book world. Marvels follow the trail of a war photographer from the Second World War and the arrival of the first superheroes of the Marvel Universe until the beginning of the Silver Age, with the origin of the Fantastic 4 and The Avengers, ending with the start of the Bronze Age and the death of Gwen Stacy. Marvel is one of the most excellent works of the House of ideas, and a must read.

  1. Days of Future Past (1981)

You can read our review of days of the past future in Hobby consoles. It is an argument arch set in numbers 141 and 142 of the Uncanny X-Men. X-men’s Film: Days of the past is based precisely on this story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, in which he eludes how Kitty Pryde travels to the present from a distant and dystopian future to prevent a political assassination that will lead to the Holocaust of mutants at the hands of sentries.

  1. Elektra Lives Again (1991)

A work by Frank Miller himself with which the author settled accounts with Daredevil. In this comic, Miller resource bringing it back to Elektra, the by then ex-girlfriend of deceased Matt Murdock to face them in the final assault against Bullseye and ninjas of the clan of The Hand. Tandem Miller and Lynn Varley produce one of the most beautiful works in the American comic book. And not only talking about in terms of plot is concerned, but also an illustration and a color that makes Elektra Lives Again the best of the literature on the author of Batman Year One, 300 and Sin City. If you want to know more about one of Marvel’s best comics, you can read here the analysis of Elektra Lives Again.

  1. The death of Captain Marvel (1982)

In 1982, Marvel published one of his greatest graphic novels, with a story that has hardly been contradicted so far: the death of Captain Marvel. Mar-vell, a superhero of Kree Origin, eventually succumbed to the effects cancer contracted as a result of a confrontation with the villain Nitro. During this graphic novel, written and drawn by Jim Starlin, we attended the last days of this Marvel hero who has since (officially) never returned from the grave, is one of the characters who remain dead even three decades after his death. A milestone in the comic book! Of course, his story is more in vogue than ever, thanks to the upcoming premiere of the film Capitana Marvel, which will tell the story of a character after the one we mentioned here.

  1. The demon in a bottle (1979)

Although popularly the plot has been limited to a single number of the collection of Iron Man (the 128, more specifically), this is a story arc that was published in 1979, and that was about the problems of alcoholism of Robert Downe. Tony Stark, let’s say. David Michelinie and Bob Layton would sign the dramatic story of the devil in a bottle, well ahead of their time, in which the most human and fragile side of the Golden Avenger would be revealed. John Romita, Jr. Bob Layton and Carmine Infantino would be responsible for illustrating this shocking story that is considered one of Marvel’s best comics. Iron Man 2 scratched this plot, trying to build on it, but very light.

  1. Alas, the comic of Jessica Jones (2001 – 2004)

Brian Michael Bendis (Powers) and Michael Gaydos were responsible for the retcon of Marvel Comics ‘ current continuity, introducing Jessica Jones, a retired superhero and converted into a private investigator. Its plot would be served during a score of numbers under the max label (Marvel’s adult line), presenting an adult, controversial and rather cynical story of the Marvel Universe. Also, this series would be the basis of Jessica Jones, one of the Marvel and Netflix series. Here you can read the review of Jessica Jones ‘ original comic book. We don’t know if it’s a Marvel’s greatest comic book, but it certainly stole our heart.

  1. The death of Phoenix (1980)

The culminating storyline of the Phoenix Saga, a series of comics that narrated the rise of Jean Grey as the Phoenix Force (a powerful cosmic force, the giver of life and carrier of destruction alike). After losing control of his powers, Jean submitted to His Dark Side, becoming the Dark Phoenix. This involved a star trial as a duel to the death between the X-men and the lair of the Shi’ar Empire. This is one of Marvel’s most recommendable comics, and for a long time, it was held as one of the basic pillars of its mythology and the House of Ideas. It’s not for nothing that we have two monsters like Chris Claremont and John Byrne in charge of the project. Will be the basis for the next film X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

  1. Civil War (2006 – 2007)

If we don’t put it in, I’m sure some rage and all. Although this mythologized and (according to some) overrated, it was a significant crossover in the past decade and one of Marvel’s most powerful political weapons against the Republican administration, as we explained in the Civil War analysis. The plot revolved around a civil war of superheroes due to Washington’s control over the “superpowers” community after a fiasco with scores of civilian deaths. Civil War, the fable of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, became a cult work because it culminated a series of stories, starting the dark stage that would end the crossover of siege and fear embodied. The Captain America film: Civil War, on the other hand, is a very free adaptation of this comic and the Capi stage of Ed Brubaker before this crossover.

  1. The gauntlet of Infinity (1991)

Jim Starlin, George Pérez and Ron Lim conjuration to make this story, one of the best Marvel comics, a mini-series of six numbers that was narrating as Thanos, el titán loco, he would gather the 6 gems of the infinite in a single glove, giving him the distinction in the Godhead more powerful the creation. The genocidal nihilist will soon attract the attention of all the powers of the cosmos, including heroes and villains from all over the Marvel Universe. As you know, it has given rise to the celebrated Avengers, Infinity War and the next Avengers 4.

  1. Wolverine Honor (1982)

Wolverine’s first comic book series. Chris Claremont and Frank Miller joined forces to narrate this story set in Japan with Logan as the lead. Thanks to his success, time later, the mutant of the claws would gain more miniseries and solo projects. Your success in critical it became for a long time in one of the comics most recommended Marvel, because of their great dramatic quality and a Frank Miller that was in the most important moments of his artistic production. As a curiosity, Immortal Wolverine is based on the facts narrated within this comic book.

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