Comic Books in the Movies

Comic Books in the Movies

The world of cinema continually seeks inspiration and material to make its films, and if long is the tradition of novels-based tapes, comic book adaptations are beginning to appear in numbers. This year alone, there are half a dozen high-profile films between ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ ‘Shazam’ and many more.

If we look back, we will surely find some other comic-based film that is a masterpiece or at least a movie and today in Spinoff we have gathered the 37 best adaptations.

  1. ‘300’

The best adaptation Zack Snyder has ever made of a comic is, from far away, that of the monumental ‘300’. In fact, the worst thing he’s wearing is that he fits into that mini-fashion that had to be almost vignette-to-vignette in Frank Miller’s comic book. This makes ‘300’ at times look like a long video clip. Brutal, but video clip.

  1. ‘Sin City’

Also by Frank Miller and even an adaptation that seeks the vignette to vignette, was the re-creation of this city of sin. A noir of those who do a hobby that reviews the city’s underworld.

  1. ‘V De Vendetta’

Although Alan Moore has not had much luck with his adaptations, it turns out that with’ V of Vendetta ‘ The Wachowski did excellent work on the script even though he was aware that Moore’s own density makes any adaptation an impossibility. A great dystopia in which a hero seeks, almost alone, to spark the revolution.

  1. Captain America: Winter Soldier’

On the other hand, the film’s most dangerous of UMC may be the stars of Captain America. ‘Winter Soldier’ is a whole show of how the superhero genre can ideally be that of superspies through a movie full of action and with quite exciting twists.

  1. ‘Hellboy’

Del Toro takes on the character of Mike Mignola in an adaptation that, while drinking from the first adventures of the demonic being, seeks its own way. But this does not mean that we are not facing an extraordinary experience.

  1. ‘The Dark Knight’

If we ignore the fact that Nolan seems to be unaware that Bruce Wayne is one of the shrewdest and intelligent men in the world, his trilogy starring Bale is not wicked at all. And ‘The Dark Knight’ is the wet dream of every character fan with an excellent Joker and a great script.

  1. ‘Batman’

I’ve been tempted to play Adam West’s Batman movie (a little bit for laughs, but the truth is I would deserve it) I think it’s time to vindicate that greatness that Tim Burton achieved with the DC character. The director sensationally embodies that apparent contradiction between the colorful superhero world and the darkness of the Gotham villains.

  1. ‘Superman’

Forty years later, the film that best represents Superman is the one that started the Richard Donner saga. Christopher Reeve is Krypton’s last son in his most iconic, pure (and even messianic) sense in a perfect adaptation of the adventures of the first great superhero.

  1. ‘Wonder Woman’

So far, the best film in DC’s so-called Extended Universe is starring Wonder Woman and her origin. A more than extraordinary superhero adventure that iconizes a figure often ignored.

  1. ‘X-Men 2’

I was tempted to put Blade around here, but, let’s face it, Marvel’s good movies start with Singer’s X-Men. Based, poorly, on’ God Loves, Man kills ‘ by Claremont. It is the film he dedicated cinematographically to the mutants.

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